Established in 2010, Shekudo is the brainchild of Sydney based pals Shetu Bimpong and Amy (Akudo) Iheakanwa. Drawing on their heritage, life experiences and varying technical strengths, the pair aim to deliver original, contemporary products which tell a unique story and have traceable origins.

Shekudo continues to be driven by original concepts looking to transcend trends and forge its own contemporary aesthetic which will allow for its wearers to reflect elite exclusivity and know that their Shekudo item has its own unique story to tell. 

SheKudo is about the empowerment and development of women, promoting a sense of caring and celebration among women across the globe. We aim to recognise the women who work with the brand, wear the brand and all women globally.

Shekudo is a socially responsible label which embraces slow fashion, aiming to deliver traceable handmade products directly from one pair of hands to yours.


Made in Australia and Africa.