Written by: Awosanmi Temidayo / Styling and Creative Direction - Vera Iroka / Photography: Mide King
Somi wearing the Calla Earrings.


Can you introduce yourself?

  Hi, I’m Somi Nwandu.

What’s your morning ritual?

  I listen to some meditation music, pray sometimes, go to the gym and also try to drink enough water.

What’s your go-to bed ritual?

   I love to watch a good tv show or listen to music to fall asleep

What is one thing no one knows about you?

   Well, if I tell you then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

Dream country to visit?


A book everyone should read?

    Alchemist and Untamed.

Somi holding the Buki Bag (Beige, Orange and Red) and the Leila Bangle


Heels or flats/sneakers?


Vintage or new?


Favorite Colour?


What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

   Chili Oil except for the sweet stuff.

What’s your biggest fear in life?

  This is funny but being bitten by a snake in the toilet.

What’s your current TV obsession?

    Previously, House of the Dragons and Love is Blind.

A Song on Repeat?

   No ordinary love (remake by Sade)

Secret talent?

  Well, again - it wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you (laughs).

What would you be doing if you weren’t in your current industry? 


Somi holding the Buki Bag (Baby pink, Olive, Beige)

Who is Somi?

Somi is a creative at heart; - an artist if you must. She’s also an art curator and cultural enthusiast. Somi believes in the power of collaboration between art and technology to uplift, unite and inspire people.

Behind The Woman

At the age of seven, Somi discovered something that would end up being her lifelong passion: Art. Despite this, she has worn many hats during her career to date including working in fashion, brand image consulting, visual merchandising, and fashion management.

Through experimenting with different media and techniques, she found joy and fulfillment in creating something beautiful. Her love for the arts has only grown throughout the years, and it is now an important part of her life.

Somi's works have been shown in various group exhibitions, as well as at international fairs and photo festivals such as The Other Art Fair LA, New York Art Fair, the Lagos Biennial, LagosPhotoFestival, and Xposure International Photography Festival Sharjah.

For Somi, having her busy life and moving between countries can sometimes come with stress. Despite this, some of the ways she reconnects with herself are listening to meditation music, going for walks, and taking time away from social media, - which she has discovered provides her with the detox she requires.

…Do not allow anyone to make you feel small or pull you down; you know deep down that you are not…”


The inspiration

Somi's fashion icons are American rapper and singer Doja Cat and American actress Trace  Ellis Ross.

Somi tells us that she feels most creative when she’s alone in her personal space; where it gives her the ideas and time she needs for her designs. One of her favorite works, which is yet to be released, is her A3D Shoe prototype - further showing her multifaceted talent across fields.

Somi wearing our Style 021- (coming soon) and the Leila Bangles

What guiding mantra do you live by? What words inspire you?

“… Everyone has an inner voice that guides them through life. Listen to your spirit. If your spirit tells you something is off or you should go in a direction, you should follow that” she says. 

The Home Space 

Like Somi’s colourful personality, her apartment too, bursts with art in tune with her being. Her sofa is a muted beige, and the embroidered floral throw pillow takes the same hue.

Our favs? Opposite the muted beige sofa is a large mirror hung on the wall, decorated with brown wooden flanks. On her etagere-like table is her favorite raffia piece etched into a round mat with a tapestry of colors, with a collection of vintage vinyl records resting on it.

Fashion and beauty

What’s your go-to staple piece?

High waisted pants are a must-have for the wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down. Not only do they look chic but they add subtle sophistication to any outfit…” She remarks.

…She’s a scent Queen …

For Somi, fragrances have a special place in her heart. She is especially drawn to the unique qualities of amber, oud, and gourmand scents. The deep and earthy aromas of these fragrances evoke an emotion that she finds irresistible. She loves the way each scent evokes a different memory or feeling and how it can bring an atmosphere of warmth to any room.

Favorite Shekudo Piece?

The Kakawa Toe Mule which combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Its effortless elegance and timeless design make it an instant classic.


After sitting down with Somi it was clear that she is a woman who goes after what she wants and clearly wants to be remembered for her hard work and dedication. She sets ambitious goals and strives to achieve them with her sheer determination and resilience.

…‘‘ I want to be remembered for going after all the things I wanted to and found challenging and also having fun while doing it’’.

Somi wearing the Afriyie Mule (Beige)
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