Fashion for me is whatever I feel comfortable in. A way for me to express parts of my personality without having to say anything” - Katy


  • Please introduce yourself.
  • Hi, my name is  Katy Sade, Founder of Public Ambition and I’ve been working in PR for eight (8) years now.

  • Where are you based?
  • I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Favorite Nigerian dish?
  • It changes every 6 months (I over-do it and get bored), but currently it’s Abula.

  • Early Riser or Night Owl?
    I'm a bit of both, depends on the day of the week. 

  • What is one thing you have accomplished in your career that you’re extremely proud of ?
  • My company’s expansion to Nigeria. It has been a dream of mine since setting up the agency in London 2016. 

  • What three products can we always find in your handbag?
  •  My bank card, car keys and lipgloss/lipbalm

  • Two things you do for selfcare?
  • Taking days off from working or socialising, and putting my phone on do not disturb.

    A movie you would happily watch 20 times?

     Mean girls!

  • Smoothies or milkshakes?
  •  Smoothies, apart from cheat days when Oreo Milkshakes have me in a headlock!

  • Heels or Sneakers?
  • I’m a sneaker girl

  • Who will we find on your playlist right now?
  • Current playlist consists of Tems, Sade, Jhene Aiko, Boj, M Huncho and Rema 

  • One thing the pandemic taught you about yourself?
  •  That travel and adventure are extremely important to me.

  • Do you have specific goals for 2022?
  •   I’ve set so many goals for 2022 and a lot of them are in the works right now, but the most important thing for me is to end the year

    Katy Sade Adebayo describes herself as humorous, passionate, and adventurous.  While we agree with her on all fronts, we have to add one more quality;  religiously  fashionable.

    Katy is the founder and CEO of Public Ambition, a public relations agency that assists high potential and high growth companies launch and scale successful enterprises in UK, Europe and West Africa. Adebayo’s role allows her to be versed in emerging digital trends, products, and technologies which she uses to reach and appeal to the pain points of her client’s target customers.

    Katy, with over eight years of PR-related experience across two continents, has advised clients including: Canon, Nike, Benefit Cosmetics, British Council U.K./Nigeria, Guardian Nigeria, Polo Luxury Group (Cartier, Swarovski, Gucci, Rolex, and others), Daraja Foundation for Girls, and Universal Music Group on global PR campaigns, experiential events, and brand strategy.

    Katy not only has a unique and fresh perspective on the PR world particularly due to her continental crossover and cultural background, but she also oozes this uniqueness into her personal fashion story. For her, comfort is the new luxury. She describes fashion as comfort because in her opinion it’s possible to be fashionable and comfortable in tandem.
    Fashion for me is whatever I feel comfortable in. A way for me to express parts of my personality without having to say anything…” she remarks.

    On a regular day, you will catch Katy wearing a crop top, comfy trousers and sneakers, inspired by the forever fun late 90’s and early 2000’s fashion. For her, it’s all about the bold earrings, statement bags, vibrant colours and effortless appeal.

    When Katy is not working to transform brands by increasing their appeal to consumers, you may find her casually kicking it back with a glass of wine at the beach or dancing her way through lovely Lagos.

    Katy states that one of the biggest challenges she has had to face in her career is her move from London (where Public Ambition was founded in 2015 and predominantly based) across to bustling Lagos. At 29, Katy has built a notable company across 3 continents and admits that obstacles were naturally a part of the climb when building the brand. “…So I made a lot of mistakes when I first started, but one would say that’s just part of the journey,” she says.

    A strategy that Katy found useful and is openly sharing with others is asking questions from senior colleagues, experts and more experienced business owners to find out what works. Katy believes this can be done by reaching out to them on LinkedIn to get useful insights and tips that they have accumulated across the course of their careers.

    After residing in Lagos for three years, Katy still finds the city interesting. “It’s very stressful but also fun. The vibe is really good so I’m somewhere in the middle,” she concluded.


    Written by: Awosanmi Temidayo / Styling and Creative Direction - Vera Iroka / Photography: Mide King


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