Up close with our head of production

Up close with our head of production

You should do your best and learn from your mistakes.”Saviour Udoffah Mayor

Article by By: Awosanmi Temidayo



  • Savior enjoys listening to music when he is not working on embroidery and leather. He doesn't have a favourite genre of music; he simply enjoys it as long as it is pleasant and helps him relax after a long day at work.
  • Savior loves watching movies.
  • He enjoys eating ‘swallow’(a local Nigerian delicacy) as well as snacking on groundnuts.
  • He is interested in inspiring others and effecting change.
  • Aside Leather craftsmanship,  Saviour is passionate about livestock and interested in creating a poultry business which he says would most likely be his retirement plan and passion.


The Shekudo brand is dedicated to highlighting Nigeria’s artisan and craftsmanship sector while incorporating some of the country’s age-old skills and underutilized local resources into its contemporary style, as creatively directed by the founder, Akudo Iheakanwa. Saviour Udoffah Mayor, the head of production at Shekudo has played a significant role in the brand’s growth, directly leading a team of six artisans and master craftsmen. 


Saviour has been working with the Shekudo brand since 2019 and has over twenty years of expertise in embroidery and leatherwork. As the Head of Production, he is responsible for planning, prototyping, producing and coordinating all necessary activities of the footwear manufacturing processes, ensuring adherence to quality, and overseeing correct  production processes, among other tasks.

Saviour is meticulous about 'details,' which he says distinguishes his work from that of other artisans. His commitment to precision is obvious in his production method, which he executes 'piece by piece', paying close attention to the details of each piece before combining them together.

He is driven by his environment when he creates his pieces. He sees his crafts as a means to inspire and influence the world in his own small way.

Savior shared with us that he “…appreciates when customers buy his products and rave about them; it empowers him to produce to the best of his ability and share his expertise with the rest of the team...”

“…One of the reasons I enjoy my job at Shekudo is how the brand helps me to grow. I accept feedback and suggestions on my work, which pushes me to produce better work. Even if the feedback is critical, I see it as a chance to learn and improve…”


Savior is also particular about being effective in ensuring that everything created at Shekudo is of high quality, as reflected by his favourite life motto:

“…What is worth doing is worth doing well, no matter how tedious it is, as long as you have agreed to do it. You should just do your best and learn from your mistakes...”

 One of the major challenges he believes that craftsmen experience, (particularly in embroidery and leatherwork) is a lack of innovative machineries. Although he appreciates the hand work and slow precision that comes with artisanal craft, he states that this hand work in his opinion cannot be compared to the most recently produced machines available on the international market. He believes that by stepping into the future of machinery many African brands would benefit from effectiveness, speed and precision.

In five years, Saviour envisions developing the brand with his skills, continuing growing with the brand, and leaving an outstanding legacy in footwear production locally and globally.


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